Confirmation Class Assignments

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Day 1: Genesis 1-3

Speaking of Creation, God saw that it was __________________________.

God created the world in ____days, and on the ____ day He ____________________.

Adam and Eve could do anything in the Garden of Eden except ______________________.

____________________________ convinced Eve to eat of the tree.

____________________________ convinced Adam to do so.

Because of their sin, they were ________________________________________.

Day 2: Genesis 4

Adam and Eve’s first two sons were __________________ and _______________________.

___________________ killed ____________________ in the first murder.

When asked where his brother was, ________________________ replied,


Day 3: Genesis 6-9

God was angry with the people because they were __________________________.

Noah was to take __________ pair(s) of each _______________________ animal and ________ pair(s) of each  _______________________ animal.

It rained on the earth for ______ days and ____ nights.

The ark came to rest on Mount ________________________.

Noah knew the flood was over when a _________________ came back with an ______________________ in its mouth.

As a promise never to destroy the earth again by a flood, God sent the ____________________ as a sign.

Day 4: Genesis 12-13

God promised Abram, I will make you ____________________________.

He promised to give Abram descendants as numerous as ____________________________.

Abram’s name was changed to ______________________. His wife’s name was changed from ______________ to

________________; his nephew was named _________________.

Was Abraham wealthy ____ or poor _____?

Day 5: Genesis 18:1-5; chapters 21-22

What did the angel promise Abraham and Sarah? ____________________________

Why did she laugh? ______________________________________

What did they name their son? __________________________

Of whom was Sarah jealous? ______________________________ Why? _______________

What did God command Abraham to do with his son, Isaac? ____________________


Day 1: Genesis 25-27

Isaac married ____________ and she had twin sons named ___________ and ___________.

Isaac preferred ___________, but his wife favored _____________________.

The Jacob cheated Esau out of his ______________________.

He later tricked Isaac into giving him his ________________________.

Rebecca sent him to her brother, _________________________.

Day 2: Genesis 28-30

Why did Rebecca send Jacob to live with Laban? __________________________________.

In his dream Jacob saw a _______________ with __________________ climbing up and down on it.

Laban tricked Jacob into marrying ______________ instead of ___________________.

Did Jacob become rich while living with Laban? ____________

Day 3: Genesis 31-33

When Jacob and Rachel fled from Laban what did she steal? __________________________

What is the Mizpah benediction in 31:49? _____________________________________________



Did Esau take revenge when he later met Jacob? ____________

With whom did Jacob wrestle? _________________________________

Day 4: Genesis 37 and 39

What gift did Jacob (Israel) give to his son Joseph? ___________________________________

What were Joseph’s two dreams?

A. ____________________________________________________________________

B. ____________________________________________________________________

What did Joseph’s brothers do to him? _________________________________________________

Why? ___________________________________________

Where did Joseph end up during his early days in Egypt? ______________________________

Day 5: Genesis 40-41

What two men were in prison with Joseph? The ______________________ and the ____________

What were the Pharaoh’s two dreams?



Joseph said they meant ________ years of ______________ and ___________ years of ___________

What happened to Joseph as a result of his interpretation of Pharaoh’s dreams? ___________________________________________


DAY 1: Genesis 42-43

Why did Joseph’s brothers go to Egypt? ________________________________________________

Did Joseph reveal himself to them? __________________________

Whom did Joseph ask them to bring back with them on the next trip? _________________________

Day 2: Genesis 44-45

What did Joseph hide in Benjamin’s sack? ____________________________________

After Joseph revealed himself to his brothers, did he take revenge for their having sold him into slavery? _________________________

Who did Joseph ask them to bring back with them on the next trip? __________________________

Day 3: Genesis 46-47:12

How many people went down to Egypt in Jacob’s family? _______________________________

Pharaoh let them all live in the land of ________________________________.

Day 4: Genesis 49:29-50:26

Did Joseph ever forgive his brothers? ____________________________________

Joseph lived to be ____________________ years old and was buried in ______________________.


Day 1: Exodus 1-2

What happened to the Hebrews when a Pharaoh came to power who didn’t remember Joseph? ___________________________________________________________________

What was the Pharaoh’s rule concerning male Hebrew children? _____________________________

Who saved Moses from this fate? ______________________________________________________

Why did Moses flee to Midian? ______________________________________________________


Day 2: Exodus 3-4

From what did God speak to Moses? _________________________________________________

What job does God give to Moses? ___________________________________________________

What happened to the staff in Moses hand? _____________________________________________

What excuse did Moses give for not wanting to take the job? _______________________________

Day 3: Exodus 5-6:13

When Moses asked that the Hebrews be allowed to leave, Pharaoh made them gather their own


to make their ________________________.

Day 4: Exodus 7-10

List the first nine plagues that God brought upon the Egyptians:

A._______________________________ F. _____________________________

B._______________________________ G. _____________________________

C._______________________________ H. _____________________________

D._______________________________ I. _____________________________


Day 5: Exodus 11-12

What was the tenth plague? _________________________________________________________

How were the Hebrews spared? ______________________________________________________

In Hebrew history, what is this event called? ___________________________________________


DAY 1: Exodus 13-14

What is unleavened bread? _________________________________________________________

Whose bones did they take with them when they left Egypt? ________________________________

What happened that allowed the Hebrews to escape from Egypt? _____________________________

DAY 2: Exodus 16

The two kinds of food that miraculously appeared in the wilderness were _________________ and __________________.

What does the word manna mean? _________________________________________

How many days each week did the people gather food? ___________________________________

DAY 3: Exodus 19-20

The Hebrews camped in the wilderness of ___________________________________________.

Fill in the blanks on the Ten Commandments:

You shall have no ________________________________________________________

You shall not make any ____________________________________________________

You shall not take the Lord’s ________________________________________________

Remember the ___________________________ and keep it _______________________

Honor your ____________________________ and your __________________________

You shall not _____________________________________________________________

You shall not _____________________________________________________________

You shall not _____________________________________________________________

You shall not ________________________________ against your __________________

You shall not _________________________ your neighbor’s house, etc.

DAY 4: Exodus 31: 12-32: 35

What did God command the people to keep? ___________________________________________

Moses went up Mt. ___________________________ to speak with God.

The Hebrew people made a ______________________________ of gold.

What did Moses carry down from the mountain? ________________________________________

DAY 5: Deuteronomy 6

What is the great commandment? (vs. 4&5) ____________________________________________


What great event are the Hebrew to always remember? ____________________________________


DAY 1: Joshua 2 and 6

Who helped the spies? ___________________________________________________

To conquer the city Joshua had the people march around for ___________ days. Then they all shouted

and the priests blew the ________________ and the walls of the city ______________

DAY 2: Judges 6-8

This is the story of ___________________, one of the judges.

In building his army, what did he tell those who were afraid? ___________________________

How did he eliminate others? _____________________________________________________

How many did he end up with? ______________________

The Hebrews frightened the Midianites by using _____________ and ____________________ in a surprise attack.

DAY 3: Judges 13-16: The story of Samson

What happened to the lion that Samson met? ____________________________________________

With whom did Samson fall in love? ______________________________

How did the people at the feast find the answer to Samson’s strength? ________________________

What was the source of his strength? ___________________________________________________

What did she do to take his strength away? _______________________________________

DAY 4: Ruth 1-2

There was a certain man in Moab named ____________________________________

His wife was _____________________; their first son, _________________________ married _________________,

and their other son, ______________________, married ________________

What happened to all the men? ______________________________________________

Who stayed with her mother-in-law? _________________________________

In whose field did she glean? ____________________. He was Naomi’s _____________________

DAY 5: Ruth 3-4

Why could Boaz not marry Ruth immediately? __________________________________________

When they did marry, what did they name their son? _____________________________________

He was the father of ______________________, who was the father of _____________________, the great Hebrew king.


DAY 1: I Samuel 1-3

Samuel’s mother was: ______________________________________________________

With whom did she leave young Samuel? _______________________________________

Were this man’s sons as Godly as he was? ______________________________________

When God spoke to Samuel, who did he think it was? _____________________________

DAY 2: I Samuel 4: 1-11, 7: 1-17

What happened to the people of Ashdod after they captured the Ark of the Covenant? _____________________________________________________________________________

What did the stone called Ebenezer stand for? ______________________________________

DAY 3: I Samuel 8-10: 1-27

Why could Samuel’s sons not succeed him? ___________________________________________

What were the disadvantages of having a king, according to Samuel? ___________________________


The man chosen to be the first king was ________________ of the tribe of ___________________

He was tall ___________ or short ___________.

Was Saul happy to be made king? _____________ Yes _____________ No.

DAY 4: I Samuel 10:27, Chapter 11

Did Saul win ____ or lose ____ his first battle against Nahas the Ammonite?

For things to go well with the Hebrews, whom did they need to follow? ______________________

DAY 5: I Samuel 15:34 through 18:9

When God disapproved of Saul as king, ______________________ the son of _________________

was chosen.

For whom did this prospective king go to work? ________________________________________

What was the name of the giant who opposed the Hebrew army? ___________________________

Who defeated him? _______________________________________

Who was David’s close friend? _______________________, son of _________________________

Did King Saul like David? __________________________________________________________


DAY 1: II Samuel 1 and 11 and 12:2-25

What did David do when he heard of Saul’s death? _______________________________________

To what woman was David attracted? __________________________________________________

Who was her husband? ______________________________________________________________

What happened to him? _____________________________________________________________

Whom did God send to the king to speak to him? _________________________________________

What happened to the child born to David? ______________________________________________

DAY 2: I Kings 1-2

Who was David’s son who wanted to be king? ____________________________________________

Who was his son by Bathsheba whom she wanted to be the next king? _________________________

Who won? _________________________________________________________________________

DAY 3: I Kings 3

As he became king, for what did Solomon ask God? _______________________________________

What was Solomon’s solution to the problem of the two women who claimed the same baby? _________________________________________________________________________________

What happened? ___________________________________________________________________

DAY 4: I Kings 6-7

What did Solomon set out to build? ____________________________________________________

Name three kinds of wood he used? ___________________________________________________

What was the next building he built? ___________________________________________________

Who helped in the bronze work? ______________________________________________________

DAY 5: I Kings 10

Who visited Solomon? ______________________________________________________________

With what was she impressed? ________________________________________________________

What kind of equipment did he organize for his army? _____________________________________


DAY 1: I Kings 17-19

What did Elijah the prophet predict? ____________________________________

What two miracles did Elijah perform while with the widow at Zarephath?



What contest did Elijah suggest to the priests of Baal? _______________________________

Who won? (As if you couldn’t guess) ____________________________________________

DAY 2: I Kings 21-22

In this chapter the king and queen of Israel are ______________ and _________________

Why did they have Naboth killed? _____________________________________________

Did Elijah approve? ______ What did he say? ____________________________________

When the “prophets” predicted that Ahab would win against Ramoth-Gilead, what did Micaiah the prophet predict? ________________________________________________________

Who was right? ________________________________________________________

DAY 3: II Kings 1-2

Who did Elijah select as his successor as prophet? ________________________________

How did Elijah “die”? ________________________________________________________

What did he give to his successor? ______________________________________________

DAY 4: II Kings 24-25

____________________________, king of _________________________ laid siege to Jerusalem.

How long did the siege last? _____________________________________________

Who won? _________________________________________________

What happened to the Hebrew people? _______________________________________

What was this event called? ______________________________________________________

DAY 5: Psalms 1, 8, and 19

What is the happy or blessed man like? __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

What is the wicked man like? _________________________________________________________

In Psalm 8 God made human beings ” ________________________________________________”.

In Psalm 19, what declares the glory of God? ________________________ and what proclaims God’s

handiwork? _______________________________________________

WEEK 10:

DAY 1 Psalm 23, 100, 149 and 150

In Psalm 23 to what is the Lord compared? _____________________________________

In Psalm 100, “Enter God’s ____________________ with _______________________ and God’s courts

with ____________________________.

In Psalm 149, what physical act did the Hebrews use in their worship of God?_________________

Name 7 instruments that Psalm 150 lists as tools of worship: _______________, _______________,

________________, __________________, __________________, _____________, ____________

DAY 2: Proverbs 1 and 31

To whom are most of the proverbs attributed? _______________________________

The _____________ of the Lord is the beginning of ______________________________

What is hard to find and far beyond the price of pearls? ________________________________

DAY 3: Isaiah 6

Fill in the blanks in Isaiah’s vision: “Above him stood __________________, each one with six _______________, … and they cried out to one another, “__________, ___________, ___________,

is the _____________ of ________________; the whole earth is full of God’s __________________.

Did Isaiah feel worthy of this vision? _________________

What was his response to God’s question, “Whom shall I send and who will go for us?”

“_____________________ __________________________”.

DAY 4: Isaiah 9 and 11

Fill in the blanks: “The people who walked in ________________ have seen a great _________________.

What was the cause of their joy? ____________________________

What will he be called: Wonderful ______________________, Mighty _______________

Everlasting ___________________, Prince of ____________________.

“A shoot will come forth from Jesse” and it will have great gifts of the spirit. What are they?

A spirit of _______________________________________________

A spirit of _______________________________________________

A spirit of _______________________________________________

His delight shall be in __________________________________________________.

During his reign “The _____________ will dwell with the _____________, the ___________

will lie down with the _____________, … and a _____________ _______________ shall lead them.”

Who do Christians believe this king to be? _____________________________

DAY 5: Isaiah 40 and 53

In Isaiah 40 who is coming to forgive and restore Israel? ___________________________-

Finish the sentence: “Say unto the cities of Zion ___________________________________.

Who does Isaiah 53 foretell? ____________________________________

WEEK 11:

DAY 1: Jeremiah 1

Was Jeremiah happy to receive the call of God? _____________

What vision told Jeremiah of the coming punishment from the north? __________________

DAY 2: Jeremiah 11: 18-12:5 and 18:18-23

Was Jeremiah well liked? __________________

What bothered Jeremiah about the wicked people? ___________________________________

Did Jeremiah preach forgiveness of enemies at the end of Chapter 18? __________________

DAY 3: Ezekiel 36-37

This is written after Israel goes into Exile in Babylonia. Does Ezekiel see hpe for Israel to go home to Jerusalem? __________

What is God going to give Israel? (36:26) _____________________

What vision does Ezekiel see that tells him of the return home? __________________________

DAY 4: Daniel 3

What did King Nebuchadnezzar want Daniel and his three friends to do that they refused? _________________________________________________________

What were his friends’ names? _________________________, _______________________, and _____________________________

What happened to them? _______________________________________________

DAY 5: Daniel 5

Who had a great feast? ___________________________________

What kind of mysterious message did he get? __________________ on the ___________________.

What happened to the king? __________________________________

WEEK 12:

DAY 1: Hosea 11

How does God describe Himself in relationship to Israel? _______________________________

Will God destroy them for their sins? ____________________

DAY 2: Amos 3 and 4

In 3:2 what is the reason Israel will be punished? ______________________________________

Is God’s anger directed against the rich ______ or the poor _______?

Who are the “cows of Bashan”? _______________________________

Does God like the religious ceremonies of the Hebrews? ____________________

DAY 3: Amos 5:18.27

Will the “Day of the Lord” be a welcome event? _______________

Is God pleased with the Hebrews singing and worship? _________________

What does God want instead? “Let ______________________ roll down like ______________, and

__________________________________ like an ever-flowing ______________________.”

DAY 4: Jonah 1-2

What did God want Jonah to do? _____________________________________

What did he do instead? ___________________________________________

Where did he end up? _______________________________________________

What was the result? _________________________________________________

DAY 5: Jonah 3-4

Did Jonah now agree to obey God? _________________

Did the people of Nineveh heed Jonah’s preaching? ____________________

Was Jonah happy with the result? ___________________

What is the point of the book of Jonah? __________________________________________________

WEEK 13:

DAY 1: Micah 6:1-8

Is God pleased with the Hebrews? _______________

Name three things that the Hebrews thought were pleasing to God:




What does the Lord require in stead? That they do ________________________, love ________________,

and walk _______________________ with their ________________________ .

DAY 2: Habakkuk 1:1-2:4

What is Habakkuk’s complaint? _______________________________________________


What answer does he get? ___________________________________________________


DAY 3: Zephaniah 3:14-20

In this song of good news and salvation, who will restore Israel? __________________


DAY 4: Malachi 3:1-12

Who will God send to prepare the way? _____________________________________

When God comes, He will act like __________________________ and ___________________

Does God change? (v. 6) _______________________________________________.

Of what was God robbed? ______________________________________________

What can the people do to repent before God? _________________________________________

WEEK 14:

DAY 1: Matthew 1:18-25 and 2

What was Joseph’s reaction to Mary’s pregnancy? ________________________________________

What was the baby to be named? ____________________________________________

What changed his mind? __________________________________________________

Who visited Mary, Joseph and the baby? ______________________________________

How many of them does the Bible say came? ___________________________________

What did Herod do to try to get rid of the baby? __________________________________________

DAY 2: Matthew 3-4

Who preached about the coming of Christ? ______________________________________

What happened when Jesus was baptized? ______________________________________________

In the temptation scene, name three things Jesus was tempted to do:




DAY 3: Matthew 5

This chapter (and the next two) are called ______________________________________.

Name two of the Beatitudes (Blessed areà)



Jesus preached that we are to be the ________________________ of the ___________________________

and the __________________ of the _____________________.

What happens if you call someone You Fool! ___________________________________________

DAY 4: Matthew 6

According to Matthew, how is the Christian to pray? _______________________________________

In Matthew 6:9-15, we find the ______________________ _______________________.

Jesus tells us not to worry about tomorrow and in all things to seek first what? ______________ __________________________________

DAY 5: Matthew 7

What does Jesus teach about judging others? _____________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

Matthew 7:12 is commonly called The ____________________ ___________________.

The wise men’s house built on __________________________ stood firm while the foolish man’s house built on _____________________ fell.

Were the people impressed with Jesus’ teachings? ___________________ Are you? __________

WEEK 15:

DAY 1: Matthew 8

List three healings and two miracles that Jesus performs in chapter 8:






DAY 2: Matthew 10

Name the 12 disciples:

1. ___________________ 2. ____________________

3._______________________ 4.__________________ 5. _____________________

6. _______________________ 7.______________________ 8.____________________

9. _______________________ 10. _______________________ 11. ___________________

12. _____________________________

Jesus’ advice to the disciples was to be “as ____________________ as serpents and as

______________________ as doves.”

Jesus tells us that the _________________ of your _______________ are counted; and

you are of more value than __________________________.

DAY 3: Matthew 13

1. On what four soils did the sower’s seeds land ? A. _______________________________

B. ___________________ C. ___________________ D. _____________________

Jesus told parables and stated that “The Kingdom of Heaven is like” list three:

____________________ 2. ___________________ 3._______________________

DAY 4: Matthew 14

What happened to John the Baptist? ___________________________________________

What did Peter do at Christ’s bidding? _________________________________________

How many people were fed with 7 loaves and a few fish? __________________________

DAY 5: Matthew 17:1-23 and 18:15-35

What happened to Jesus when he went up the mountain? ______________________________

Which disciples went with him? ____________________________________________

If someone sins against you, what should you do? __________________________________

How many times did Jesus say Peter must forgive? _________________________________

WEEK 16:

DAY 1: Matthew 19

Did Jesus say divorce was right or wrong? __________________________

Did Jesus like the little children? _______ What did he do to them? _____________________

What would it be easier to do than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?


Jesus told them, “For __________ it is impossible, but for _____ all things are __________________________.

DAY 2: Matthew 21

Jesus triumphantly entered what city? _______________________________

What did the people do when Jesus came? ____________________________________

What words did they use in their song? ___________________________________________


What did Jesus do in the Temple? ________________________________________

In the parable, who is the better son? ___________________________ (vs. 28-31)

DAY 3: Matthew 22:23-40 and Matthew 25

Jesus proclaims that God is God not of the ___________ but of the _______________.

What are the two great commandments according to Jesus?



Why was the man who hid his talents condemned? ________________________________


In the final day, the Son of Man will come separate the nations as a ______________________

separates the _______________________ from the _____________________.

According to this parable, who are we to help? _______________________________________

DAY 4: Matthew 26

Who plotted to kill Jesus? ___________________________________________________

Who anointed Jesus with expensive ointment? _______________________________________

What happened at the Passover meal that we remember today? __________________________

__________________________________ We call it: ________________________________

Where did Jesus and the disciples go to pray? ________________________________________

Who betrayed Jesus? ______________________________________________________

Who denied knowing Jesus? __________________________ How many times? ___________

DAY 5: Matthew 27 and 28

Whom did Pilate release instead of Jesus? ____________________________________________

What did Pilate do to show his innocence? ____________________________________________

Where was Jesus crucified? (city & place): ____________________, _______________________

Who were crucified with Jesus? _______________________________________________

Who buried Jesus? __________________________________________________________

What happened on the morning of the third day? _________________________________________

Who discovered this great event? _____________________________________________________

We remember this event in the celebration of _______________________________!

WEEK 17:

DAY 1: Mark 1:1-28 and 6:1-7; 30-44

What does Mark say about the birth of Jesus?____________________________________________

Who baptized Jesus? _______________________________________________________________

What fishermen does Jesus call to be disciples?____________________________________________


Was Jesus received well in his home town of Nazareth? _____________________________________

What did the disciples have to feed the 5,000 people? ___________________ and ______________

DAY 2: Mark 8:17-38; 16:1-20

When Jesus asked, “Who do you say that I am?”, what did Peter reply?


Who went to the tomb on Easter morning according to Mark? ______________________________ ,

___________________________________ , and_________________________________________.

Did they expect to find that he had risen_________________________________________________

What dangerous signs will accompany those who believe? ___________________________________

DAY 3: Luke 1-2

Who had a baby before Mary had Jesus? _______________________________________________

Who was that baby? _______________________ the _____________________________________

Where did Mary and Joseph go for the census? __________________________________________

To whom did angels appear? _________________________________________________________

Where did Mary, Joseph and Jesus go when he was 12?  To the _____________________________

in _______________________________________

DAY 4: Luke 8

Name some of the women that traveled with Jesus:________________________________________


What happened when the disciples were in the boat with Jesus?______________________________


What name did the man with demons have_______________________________________________

What happened to the swine or pigs?___________________________________________________

What happened to the man? __________________________________________________________

Was Jairus’ daughter dead? __________________________________________________________

DAY 5: Luke 13-14; More Parables and Healings

Why were the synagogue officials upset that Jesus healed the woman in 13:10-17? ____________________________________________________________________________________

How is the “door to the saved” described? ___________________________________________________

Where should one sit when invited to a banquet? Parable in 15:4-7? ______________________________

In the parable of the prodigal (means “wasteful”) son which character represents God? ______________

Which one do you like more of the two brothers? Older? __________ Younger? _________________

In the parable of the rich man and Lazarus (16:19-31) why would they not let him go warn the rich man’s

brothers? ____________________________________________________________________________

WEEK 18:

DAY 1: Luke 17:1-19 and 18

How many lepers came back to thank Jesus? ____________________________________________

Of the two men who went to the Temple to pray, which was justified? _________________________

Why did the rich aristocrat not take Jesus’ advice and follow him? ____________________________


How did the disciples react when the blind man called out to Jesus along the road to Jericho?


DAY 2: Luke 21; The Last Supper and Jesus’ Arrest

What are some of the signs of the end of time? _____________________, ____________________,

_____________________________, & _________________________________________________

Where did Jesus teach while in Jerusalem? _______________________________________________

DAY 3: Luke 22

What were the two elements Jesus used in the Last Supper to have his disciples remember him?

____________________ and ___________________________.

Who betrayed him? _________________________________________________________________

Who denied him? _________________________ How many times? __________________________

DAY 4: Luke 23; Jesus’ death and resurrection

Who were the two rulers before whom Jesus appeared? __________________________________

and ______________________________________

Who helped Jesus carry the cross? ____________________________________________________

What were Jesus’ last words from the cross? _____________________________________________

Who gave his tomb for Jesus to be buried? _______________ from __________________________

DAY 5: Luke 24

Who went to the tomb on Easter morning? ______________________________________________

Did the disciples believe their story? ___________________________________________________

After the crucifixion, two disciples met Jesus on the road to what village? ______________________

They recognized Jesus when He did what? ______________________________________________

In the end, Jesus ascended to? _______________________________________________________

WEEK 19:

DAY 1: John 3

Who is Nicodemus? __________________________________________________________________ .

What did Jesus tell Nicodemus that he must do to receive the Kingdom of God?

___________________________________________________________________________________ .

The most popular verse in the Bible is in the chapter. Write the whole verse here. John 3: __________


DAY 2: John 11

Lazarus is ill. Who are his sisters: __________________________ & ____________________________

Did Jesus go to see Lazarus as soon as he heard that he was ill? __________________________________

How long was Lazarus dead in the tomb? __________________________________________________ .

How did Jesus bring Lazarus back to life? _________________________________________________ .

This chapter contains the shortest verse in the Bible. Write it here _______________________________ .

John 11:_____ .

DAY 3: John 15

What happens to the grape vine branch that does not bear fruit? ________________________________ .

Jesus says that he is the _________________________ and we are the _________________________.

What does Jesus command of us?_______________________________________________________ .

DAY 4: Acts of the Apostles 1 & 2

Jesus tells the disciples that they will receive _______________ from the __________ _______________

and the witnesses in _____________________ and in all ___________________ and________________,

and to___________________________________________________________.

Where did Jesus go? ____________________________________________________________________

Who is chosen to replace Judas Iscariot? ____________________________________________________.

What happened on the day of Pentecost? ______________________________________________________


Who preached the first great sermon about Jesus? ___________________________________________.

DAY 5: Acts 9:1-30

What did Saul want to destroy or persecute?__________________________________________________

What happened to Saul on the road to Damascus? ___________________________________________



How long was Saul blind? ________________________________________________________________

How did Saul regain his eyesight?__________________________________________________________

What did Saul do after he could see again?___________________________________________________

(Remember: Saul became Paul, the greatest missionary of the Church)

WEEK 20:

DAY 1: Romans 5 – 6:14

Paul writes that we are justified before God by ______________________________________________.

God shows love for us in what way? _______________________________________________________

Paul says that we must be ___________________to sin and __________________to God in Christ Jesus.

DAY 2: I Corinthians 13

List seven things that ‘LOVE’ is:


Faith, hope, love abide, these three; but which is the greatest?__________________________________

DAY 3: Galatians 5

What are the fruits of the Spirit?


Paul says: “If we live by the Spirit, we should also be _______________ by the Spirit.”

DAY 4: James 1:19 – 2:26

We are told to be _____________________________ of the word and not _____________________ only.

Faith without ____________________________________ is ___________________________________

DAY 5: Revelation 21 – 22:8

This is a vision of which new city? _________________________________________________________

List three things in the new city:


What tree is found in the city? _____________________________________________________________

Who saw this vision? ____________________________________________________________________

Write the last verse in the Bible here:


How to Look It Up in the BIBLE:

The Bible contains 66 books: 39 OT and 27 NT

Each book has chapters noted by large numbers printed in the book.

For example, Genesis has 50 chapters, while Mark has 16.

Each chapter has small numbers called “verses”.

This numbering system helps us to locate teachings and stories in the Bible.  We talk about this numbering system this way:

I Corinthians 13:4-13

This tells me to go to the New Testament book of First Corinthians, the thirteenth chapter and start reading at verse four and go to verse thirteen.  Here I hear Paul’s great words about love.

Genesis 7:1  ff

Here I’m told to go to the Old Testament story of Genesis, the seventh chapter starting at verse one and keep reading the story of Noah and the great flood.  (ff means “and following”).

Proverbs 17:22a  (or 22b)

This reference tells me to read Proverbs chapter seventeen, but just the first part (“a”) of verse twenty-two (or the last part, “b”).

There are many footnotes in the Bible. These are noted by small letters and refer to a comment usually at the bottom of the page.  These notes tell you about word choices, unclear translations, additional words or verses, and other interesting or helpful information that can aid in your reading and understanding.

Knowing this system is your map for finding your way around God’s Word.  It helps all of us in studying the Bible together!


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