Our Purpose

The Bath Church is a congregation of believers joined together in the ministry of Christ.  The clergy are to empower and assist the people in fulfilling this ministry.

These shall be our purposes:

  • To proclaim by our message and show by our actions that Jesus Christ has risen and is redemptively active in our lives.
  • To teach the Good News of Christ that makes for joyous living.
  • To foster and encourage positive attitudes toward the work of the Church and the tasks of life.
  • To be aware of troubled people, to minister to them and to all people, and to bring the peace and strength of Jesus Christ into their lives.
  • To heal hurts and bind up the wounds of daily life.
  • To encourage and develop friendships and lasting ties of Christian love.
  • To proclaim the sanctity of Christian marriage and to strengthen individual families.
  • To provide children with an atmosphere of love and nurture; to
  • equip them to face a harsh world knowing that in Christ there is gentleness and peace.
  • To demonstrate to the world and thereby to other people that God is alive and works through all situations for the good of every person.
  • To continue to grow as a force for good, healing and peace among all people.

(Taken from the Constitution of The Bath Church)


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