[slidepress gallery=’bath-home-header’]From Past to Present, a Brief History. . .

In 1818, a group of early settlers in the Western Reserve built a log church on the site of the present Bath Museum, formerly the Town Hall, in Bath.  Later, they worshipped in a frame church that was built on the site in 1834.

The Baptists built a frame church on a hill overlooking Ira Road in 1842.  Years later, the church was sold to the Brethren Church, who, in turn sold it to the Congregationalists in 1897 for $210.  The church was moved closer to Ira Road in 1898.  In 1949 the church was moved, for the second time, to its present site on West Bath Road.  The chapel at our present church is the original building built on Ira Road in 1842.

In 1960 the Sunday School wing was added to the church since more room was needed.  We worshipped in our historic Chapel until 1992, when it became impossible to accommodate the growing congregation.  Fellowship Hall was built and we worshipped there until 2004 when we again outgrew our worship area.  At that time we added a major addition, including new Sunday School rooms, new Narthex and a Sanctuary that holds 450 worshippers.  Today we worship in this beautiful Sanctuary and give thanks to God for our rich heritage.

In all these years this church has served this beautiful community in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Today it stands ready to answer the same calling. About 800 people are members of this warm fellowship; worshipping, studying, singing, and celebrating with one another. Through their giving, the church reaches out to the community around us and to the world through the mission activities of the United Church of Christ.

The Bath Church has stressed an informed understanding of the Bible as its foundation. In the Fall of 1989, we began a five-year study of the entire Bible, with classes on a weekly basis. This has encouraged further more in-depth study classes on Wednesday afternoons and evenings. Both teaching and preaching have been built on these themes. Our hope is that as we are more aware of the truth of the Bible, we may be able to reach out to others who thirst for this living water of the Christian Gospel.

If you are interested in joining this lively fellowship, we welcome you.  On this website is a listing of our activities.  You will find something for all ages and all interests.  Come be a part of the Christian love that we all share in The Bath Church.

The Vision to See…

  • The opportunity to impact generations for Jesus Christ
  • How God uses “temporal things” like sanctuaries constructed in 1834 and 2003-04 to manifest Himself to bring   about “eternal things”

The Faith to Believe…

  • That God has ordained this moment as “the time” to boldly move forward in seeking the financial support necessary to construct a new sanctuary and additional space for Christian Education, music ministries and community outreach
  • That this is a ministry worthy of our time, talent and treasure

The Courage to Act…

  • By making a prayerful and God-directed multi-year financial commitment
  • By recruiting and supporting a team of ambassadors responsible for visiting every member and attendees of The Bath Church Family in order to share the vision of “Room to Worship, Serve and Grow”

We welcome you to what God has created and to share in the Vision, the Faith and the Courage to be what God calls us to be.

The Bath Church is a member congregation of the United Church of Christ.

The United Church of Christ embraces a theological heritage that affirms the Bible as the authoritative witness to the Word of God, the creeds of the ecumenical councils, and the confessions of the Reformation.  The UCC has roots in the “covenantal” tradition—meaning there is no centralized authority or hierarchy that can impose any doctrine or form of worship on its members.  Christ alone is Head of the church.  We seek a balance between freedom of conscience and accountability to the apostolic faith.  The UCC therefore receives the historic creeds and confessions of our ancestors as testimonies, but not tests of the faith.


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