Faith & Covenant


This church acknowledges as its sole head, Jesus Christ, the son of God and the Savior of the human family.  We recognize as brothers and sisters all who share in this belief.  We look to the Word of God as found in the Bible, and to the Holy spirit to energize our creative and redemptive work in the world.  We declare that it is the responsibility of each generation to reclaim this faith as its own.  In response to the direct instruction of our Lord, we celebrate two sacraments: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion.


We promise to one another that we will seek to know and will respond to the Word and Will of God.  We intend to walk together in the ways of God, as we know them to be and as we continue to grow in the knowledge of God.  We believe it is the mission of the church to witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ in all places by the way we live our lives.  As our source of strength for this ministry, we agree to worship God together regularly.  We intend to seek truth, justice and peace among ourselves, in our community and among all peoples.  As did the host of Christians who have gone before us, we depend on God through the Holy spirit to lead and empower us.  We pray and work for the continuing growth of the Kingdom of God.  We look with firm faith toward the triumph of righteousness over corruption and for the victory of eternal life over the power of death.


The Bath Church is a congregation of believers joined together in the ministry of Christ.  The clergy are to empower and assist the people in fulfilling this ministry.
These shall be our purposes:

  • To proclaim by our message and show by our actions that Jesus Christ has risen and is redemptively active in our lives.
  • To teach the Good News of Christ that makes for joyous living.
  • To foster and encourage positive attitudes toward the work of the Church and the tasks of life.
  • To be aware of troubled people, to minister to them and to all people, and to bring the peace and strength of Jesus into their lives.
  • To heal hurts and bind up the wounds of daily life.
  • To encourage and develop friendships and lasting ties of Christian love.
  • To proclaim the sanctity of Christian marriage and to strengthen individual families.
  • To provide children with an atmosphere of love and nurture; to equip them to face a harsh world knowing that in Christ there is gentleness and peace.
  • To demonstrate to the world and thereby to other people that God is alive and works through all situations for the good of every person.
  • To continue to grow as a force for good, healing and peace among all people.


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